THE ART ORGANISATION - A working template for the Future!

With a successful portfolio proving the possibility, TAO now recognise the potential, and need, for further projects, helping resolve dreliction, providing opportunity, serving education, and the arts, assisting creatives and benefiting many communities in numerous city and countryside environments, and are working toward this new reality.

However, if this is to be 'The Big Society' we should not have to do it alone. Input is required from all level of Society. At the top, the new coalition government should recognise the needs of volunteer groups working from the bottom up and open up an accessible line of communication. For this element of social enterprise, dealing with urban regeneration, supporting community issues and pioneering a solution, we need an involvement, support and communication, from local business, local authority, national companies dealing with utilities, service providers, the deposit of waste, recycling, unwanted materials, fire, health and safety issue, volunteering. We follow a basic business structure. We make a little money, we spend a little money. What we make we reinvest for the benefit of the community. We do not require grants and funding because the business structure is sound. What it requires is help and understanding for the opening months of development, a period when we are beginning to raise our incomes and include the community. It is in this period we appeal for help and the chance to discuss our needs.

We all need to work together, to recognise the problems in Society, in our neighbourhood, and explore these potential solutions if this Big Society is ever to stand a chance.



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TAO seek to locate potential projects in many creative communities, urban and rural, and would like to hear from you.

  • Are you a Landlord, building owner or property developer with an empty building that you are struggling to know what to do with, and it is beginning to cost more that it is worth? Would you like a solution to the problem? Contact us!
Along with properties, we need the local people in the community to get involved.
  • Are you a creative, someone with an artistic plan, in need of space? Please contact us and discuss if we have space for you. With projects in Liverpool, London, Leicester and Nottingham, with the potential of more project buildings in more cities, perhaps we can help.
  • Perhaps you are an educator in the arts in need of classroom, office, or workshop space to operate. Perhaps you know what you want to do, but need advice in how to achieve it. Can we help? Contact us!
  • Maybe you'd like to volunteer in an existing project, bring a skill to the table, or have the potential to head off your own and project manage. Contact us to let us know how you would like to be involved.
  • Are you a concerned member of the Community that would like to know more how TAO projects can benefit you? Please contact us and find out more about active projects in your area and the potential of new projects in new cities.
  • Do you care about the environment, your local neighbourhood and the community? Do you care about the future? Are you a supporter of conservation issues, recycling, waste products, energy usage, then contact us and find out how you can be involved.

Contact us!

TAO: A working template for the Future:

Access to affordable space for the benefit of the creative industries, arts and artists..
Access to affordable space is vital to practitioners in the arts and art in education. Artist's benefit from clean, cheap space to teach their skills, and practice their artwork in a vital growth period, to reach sustained financial status, capable of affording more and develop further.
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Support for the benefit of education in the arts.
Many community groups and individuals take part in the arts and participate in classes, workshops, group sessions, therapy, events and expressions, taking advantage of workable, easy access, open or private space.
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Opportunities for the benefit of the Community.
Volunteers and interested parties in the Community get to take part in each of the projects, benefitting from the work experience, training and skill-share, leading to the potential of employment, and sparking creativity. The wider community attend events, classes and workshops, and exhibitions, and learn from each experience.
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A work ethic for the benefit of the Environment.
For decades cities have regenerated with the arts at the centre. Artists take advantage of run-down areas, and the natural process of an increased footfall, the regeneration of dereliction, and the artistic attractions from within, turn around the neighbourhood and improve it's image.
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Property solutions for the benefit of landlords, building owners, and property developers.
The current economic state is a worry to landlords who have ownership of properties beyond their best. Often situated in off the trendy track places, beyond a state of good repair, unwanted, and a drain on business finances - costing more to remain derelict than their worth.
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